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Magnetorheological Finishing

MR Polishing Tool Never Changes Shape Or Wears Out

Magnetorheological finishing (MRF) is a revolutionary technology that takes the mystery out of precision finishing. Optical surfaces are polished in a computer-controlled magnetorheological (MR) finishing slurry. Unlike conventional rigid lap polishing, the MR fluid acts as a compliant polishing lap, whose shape and stiffness can be magnetically manipulated and controlled in real time. The optic's final surface form and finishing results are precisely predicted through the use of computer algorithms that map and control material removal across the workpiece.

QED Technologies’ Q22 magnetorheological finishing machine is commercially available and has received industry-wide acclaim.

MR fluide

MRF technology is best understood by thinking of the MR fluid as a suspension of magnetic particles and polishing abrasives. The suspension stiffens in a magnetic field, creating a pressure spot or polishing pad that conforms to the optic's surface.

[More info on MRF]

mrf animation

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