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Real World Solutions
COM is operating at the edge of technology, creating real-world technology solutions capable of efficiently producing products that incorporate optical, electrical and mechanical elements. The Center's pioneering solutions will provide advanced system design tools, deterministic processes, and rapid response manufacturing capability that are the springboard for a world-class competitive U.S. optomechatronics industry.


  • Optical Data Storage
  • Image Recording and Analysis
  • Security
  • Displays
  • Telecommunications
  • Satellites and Imaging

Consumer Products

  • Traditional Optical Mass Market
  • Digital Imaging and Recording Devices
  • Digital Projection Devices
  • Automotive and Home

Industrial Production

  • Manufacturing
  • Process Steps of Production
  • Machine Vision and Inspection
  • Process and Sensor Controls
  • Predictive Maintenance
Industrial Production


  • Medical Diagnostics and Monitoring
  • Surgical, Therapeutic, and Cosmetic Treatments
  • Dentistry, Opthalmology, and Urology
  • Biotechnology and Other Sciences
  • Environmental Monitoring and Control
  • Research, Development, and Education


  • Military Future Combat Systems (FCS) in 2010
  • Aerospace Survaillence and
    Communications Critical to FCS
  • Civil: Police and Fire

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