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Pricing and Availability
Magic Patch Theme Packet

Magic Patch Theme Packet Supplies
(Liquid Crystal temperature sensitive patch for grade level k - 7)


Item Supplier Price Yield
(# of Kits)
Price / Packet
3" x 3" Plastic Bags
Cat # 48304
U.S. Plastics Corp.
(800) 537-9724
$10.49 / Case 1000 $0.01
1.2" x 2.75" Labels (Avery - White Address Labels) Cat # 5360 Staples
(716) 424-9333
$15.90 / Box 2100 $0.01
12" x 12" Liquid Crystal Sheet
Cat # ES#72374
This specific sheet responds at 25oC
Edmund Scientific
(800) 728-6999
$21.00 / Sheet 64 $0.33

Theme Packet Preparation:

  • Cut the LC encapsulated sheet into 40mm x 40mm squares
  • Place squares into bag and zip bag closed
  • Label bag

Theme Packet use:

  • There is no need to have the student remove the patch from the bag.
  • Have the student place the patch (in Bag) on the inside of their wrist and watch the color change.
  • Refer to the presentation for a simple explanation of how the temperature change in an LC is analogous to the contraction of a spring.
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