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Pricing and Availability
Magic Orb Demonstration
Magic Ord

Magic Orb Theme Packet Supplies

Item Supplier Price Yield
(# of Kits)
Price / Packet
Magic Ball* Snatch - Promo (877)576-2824 $2.00 / Ball 50 $2.00
5" x 5" Plastic Bags Cat # TBD TBD TBD TBD

*You may define your own Logo, and specify placement inside or on the outside surface. Delivery (lead) time is 8 to 12 weeks

Theme Packet Preparation:

  • Place label on bag
  • Place the Orb into the bag (prevents rolling around and is more dependable than the box it arrives in.
  • No other preparation is required

Theme Packet Use:

  • Bounce the ball to see it light up
  • Discuss circuit: Point out energy source (batteries), spring/post switch, black dot (microchip housing), and LED’s.

Circuit Ill.

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