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Pricing and Availability
Magic Stripes Theme Packet
Magic Strips

Magic Stripes Theme Packet Supplies
(Polariscope for Grade Level K - 7)

Item Supplier Price Yield
(# of Kits)
Price / Packet
9" x 50" x 0.03"
Sheet Polarizer
Cat # 605223
Polaroid Corporation
(800) 343-5000
$172.00 / sheet 195 $0.88
3" x 3" Plastic Bags
Cat # 48304
U.S. Plastics Corp.
(800) 537-9724
$10.49 / Case 1000 $0.01
1.2" x 2.75" Labels
(Avery - White
Address Labels)
Cat # 5360
(716) 424-9333
$15.90 / Box 2100 $0.01
8.5" x 11"
ImageFlow Pro
Transparency Film
Cat # 000985
(716) 424-9333
$6.67 / Pack 90 $0.01
3M Mailing Tape Wegmans**
(716) 586-6680
$1.69 / Roll N/A $0.01

* A local Grocery Store

Theme Packet Preparation:

  • Cut the polarizer sheet into 40mm x 40mm squares (two per theme packet are needed)
  • Place the tape on a full sheet of the transparency in such a way as to obtain off set layers (up to three layers) repeat until entire sheet is covered.
  • Cut the transparency at an angle of ~25º on all sides to create a rectangle where the tape runs from the lower left corner to the upper edge on a diagonal. Cut the transparency into 35mm x 35mm squares. Click here for detailed instructions on Transparency Preparation.
  • Label the bag and place 2 polarizers, And one taped Transparency Square inside. Zip closed.

Theme Packet use:

  • Play with the polarizers to introduce polarization in white light. Hold the polarizers together and look at the ceiling light through them. Rotate one of the polarizers 90º and look at the light again. One orientation allows no light through. This orientation is called “crossed”
  • Then show how colors appear when the taped Transparency Square is inserted between crossed polarizers as students look at the ceiling lights.

Note: This demo works better if an overhead (OH) projector is used. Take two large 9” x 9” sheets of polarizer and place them on the OH projector, separated by 4 plastic cups. Then throw on some plastic eating utensils.

Overhead Projection

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