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Much effort has been devoted to the development of the Optics Suitcase. Over 5000 theme packets and one page flyers have been distributed across the country. With a recent Activity Grant awarded by OSA's Member & Education Services Council and additional financial support from the Rochester Section of OSA, the Center for Optics Manufacturing (COM) at the Universiy of Rochester and the E-O Center/ARL, Penn State University, this effort will continue.

I (SJ) acknowledge many individuals for their contributions: Leslie Gregg (COM) for theme packet design and manufacture, packaging, and suitcase assembly; COM graphic designers, Rebecca Coppens and Christine Andrews, for design and preparation of the flyers, this brochure, and our web site; Carolyn Pollicove for her help in editing; U of R undergraduates Jennifer Hayes, Rupal Varshneya, Jennifer Sternal, Jacob Hesterman, Jessica DeGroote, and Anne Marino for cutting, pasting, and bagging packets; Mark Glasper and the American Ceramic Society for providing periodic tables; Wayne Knox (The Institute of Optics) for introducing me to the Rainbow Peephole™; Eileen Korenic (University of Wisconsin, River Falls) for coining the term “theme packet”; OSA President Erich Ippen for suggesting the term “Optics Suitcase” in the March 2000 issue of OPN; Theresa Macon/Courtnee Young for opening up classrooms to us under the Rochester Otetiana Council Explorer Scout Career Awareness Exploring Program; and Kathleen Raniewicz/Eileen Hartmann for inviting us to test our presentations on teachers under the banner of the Rochester Area Career Education Collaborative.

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