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Preparing For A Visit
Optics Suitcase

One To Two Weeks Before A Visit

Obtain the following information from the classroom teacher in order to prepare your suitcase and make a take-home flyer:

  • School name, school address, teacher's name, classroom location
  • Ages of students
  • Number of students
    • Take four extra sets of theme packets and flyers
      (one for the teacher, one for you, and two spares)
  • Length of presentation
  • Number of presentations
    • Will you speak to one or two classes?
  • The setting and the teacher's expectations
    • Is your visit part of a career day at school where others are coming in to describe their occupations as well?
    • Is your visit being used to emphasize experiments that demonstrate “fun with science”?
    • Is your visit being used as part of a science unit on the topic of physics?
  • Protocol for entering the school
    • You will probably report to the school office
  • Appropriate arrival time
    • 20 minutes before the target class time?
    • Will there be time available to set-up in the classroom?
  • Would the teacher like a short biography to introduce you to the class?

The day before your visit

Check the contents of your suitcase, print out the flyers, print a transparency of the flyer to use on the overhead projector, and take some time to practice, even if you simply run through the presentation in your mind. If you have a laser pointer, you might bring it along, but be careful not to share it with anyone or leave it where it can be “borrowed”.


Copyright by Stephen D. Jacobs, Rebecca L. Coppens and Christine Andrews-Angelo
December 24, 2001

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