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A Production-Ready Technology

In April 1998, QED Technologies introduced the Q22, a new production-ready MRF system that is a breakthrough for polishing and fine figuring high precision optics (aspheres, spheres and flats). The Q22's flexibility and simple operation make it ideally suited for both rapid prototyping and low to medium volume production runs. Based on the initial process invention in Belarus, and further development at COM, QED has now refined MRF technology into commercially available equipment for applications in optics manufacturing and precision finishing.

The Q22 is a multiple-axis, computer-controlled machine that is capable of rapidly performing its programmed task to very high accuracy and precision. The MRF process, which simultaneously eliminates SSD while improving figure, has high removal rates that keep cycle times short. The Q22 may be used to improve precision ground or polished optics into optics having final figure accuracies of better than l/20 p-v in a matter of minutes. The process works well on flats, spheres, and aspheres, but its ability to polish and figure aspheres is its greatest contribution.

Optical Surfaces
An optical surface ground on the OptiPro SX50 is interferometrically characterized
and MRF polished. The first run eliminates SSD while improving figure. The second
run demonstrates MRF capability to further improve an already polished optic.
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